13.05.20 - 28.02.22

Megabangna is full power ahead to welcome shoppers back under Social Distancing Expert campaign.

Megabangna, in cooperation with our partners, has continuously taken measures to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 and to ensure the safety of both our valued customers and our dedicated employees.  We have strengthened our safety measures in order to fully resume operations in all our buildings in response to the coming announcements by the Thai government.  All throughout our center, we will strictly monitor and work closely with local authorities to add and enhance necessary health and safety practices. As we have continually provided a fun and safe shopping experience for the past 8 years, we now place even more emphasis on hygiene, cleanliness and safety for our customers, staff and tenants. 
Khun Paphitchaya Suwandee, Managing Director of Megabangna said, “For nearly a decade, Megabangna has always been a meeting place for fun and happy experiences for our surrounding communities, families and friends…it is so much more than just an average shopping center. However, due to unforeseen effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have accepted and embraced an approach for a ‘new normal’ with integral adjustments in our daily operations to help Thai people live their lives as normally as they possibly can during this time.  Although seemingly challenging at first, everyone has learned to adjust to this new lifestyle which now puts the spotlight on essential life necessities and the need for even more social responsibility.

The most important thing for Megabangna is to provide a safe meeting place for our customers and ensure that they can still come enjoy shopping in a safe and comfortable environment.  We have gone above and beyond to prepare the necessary measures and promote new safety protocol according to our “Social Distancing Expert” campaign all throughout the center.  This effort helps create more awareness about our new safety measures for customers to know and understand prior to their arrival and for the duration of their shopping or service experience at Megabangna. This campaign has been prepared to communicate our heightened health and safety measures with every customer group to ensure the most accurate channel of information and enjoyment for all visitors.”

With the “Social Distancing Expert” campaign, we have created a responsive “Social4Carings” action plan to maintain and ensure cleanliness and hygiene for our customers. 
1. Social Distancing: 

To maintain adequate social distancing, we limit the number of incoming customers to no more than 20 people per 100 square meters to maintain a 1-meter social distance practice.  In highly populated areas such as lifts, toilets, shared civic seating areas and bus waiting points, we have set a specific distance to be observed between people. We have also implemented new methods in the utilization (purchase and acquisition) of various services within the center i.e. creating a service appointment system to reduce waiting time or queuing.
2. Social Caring for Customers: 

Social and customer responsibility measures are key to ensure the utmost in health and safety at Megabangna. Incoming customers will be subjected to temperature checks at all entrances. The center will undergo a thorough big cleaning before the official reopening as soon as it is announced by governmental authorities. These big cleaning measures are scheduled every week and common or high-traffic areas will be cleaned on a daily basis, before and after hours of operations. Strong cleaning emphasis will be put on highly exposed surfaces and are scheduled to be cleaned every 30 minutes during center service hours. Our customers are required to wear face masks at all times while in the center or on the premises.
3. Social Self-Care for Staff: 

Measures for operational staff and tenants will require temperature screening at the time of entrance to the center.  Each and every staff member is required to wear face masks and face shields at all times during operating hours. All staff will be trained about safety knowledge and measures in order to follow and perform the new safety protocol accordingly.
4. Social Care for Community: 

At Megabangna, we have a dedicated social and environmental policy that has continuously been implemented throughout the years. During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have added more waste management measures to separate infectious waste from general waste. We have also been very keen to promote awareness and understanding on various health and safety measures for the community to take part in and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. In addition, various services to better facilitate the customer experience and promote sales for our tenants i.e. marketing promotions, discounts, benefits and delivery services on different platforms have been implemented.

During these challenging times, we believe that Megabangna is still an integral meeting place for our community. It is still a place where people can come relax, enjoy and shop. We are confident that our dedicated effort, preparation, and practice of strict hygiene and safety measures are in place and ready to welcome our customers once again. Megabangna is pleased to be part of the community and to help prevent the spreading of COVID-19.  Together with our customers, we can provide the best and safest service for everyone.
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